Title: Alignment with SELF And SOUL
Dimensions: 40” X 30” X 1.5”
Painted: 01/16/2022


I received the commissioned painting from Joseph in January 2022.

At the time of receiving it, he said that he had engineered the painting to capture my specific energy, and not what I thought I wanted, but what my Soul desired for me. I believed him, as time and time again through Joseph’s healing programs, he spoke well beyond my masks to the core of my Soul. I saw that in fact this painting was unique. I had originally asked for the painting to be activated with Love and Prosperity, and I felt immediately that it was designed for that but way, way more. At the time of receiving it, I struggled with feelings of being internally rigid and numb, specifically in certain areas of love for myself and others. Life taught me to build many walls of protection around my heart. Yet this painting with all of its flows, rhythms and high energy, was mirroring something that spoke directly to my Soul. 

Unbeknownst to me, what I truly wanted from the core of my heart was expression, aliveness, collaboration, inclusion, truth, trust, and to be a witness of eternal life. Little did I know back then that this painting and I would experience a journey together.

At some point, just coming into May 2022, and over a few months of gazing into the painting, I had taken it down from my living room wall in frustration and disbelief that anything outside of myself could hold any power. That evening, I had placed the painting on the floor behind a chair in my bedroom. When I went to sleep that night, I had the most relaxed and wonderful sleep I have had in years. My programs of subconscious paranoia that ‘something was going to go wrong,’ were relaxed. The learning for me was in the proof and awareness that everything holds energy. Natural healing exists all around us, in fruits, flowers, roots and trees. With intention we can activate certain items with elevated energy. I was encouraged further to be open to the painting’s potential and to be wise to its power to heal many aspects of my life. If you can be sensitive enough to perceive an energy, it is a mirror to your own power and gifts within you. 

Thank you, Joseph, for this priceless commissioned art that truly mirrors my energy and prompts me to embrace, to let go, and to touch my Soul again and again. I feel truly loved, embraced and seen through my reflection in this painting. Today, I can honestly say that your painting has become an active, reflective part of my life, as I am a living witness of my evolution into a joyful, expressive and happy individual connected to my powerful and eternal Soul!

Yasmeen Nawaf Beyhum

Title: Ethereal Jellyfish
Abstract Acrylic Energetic Painting
18″ X 36″X 1.5” / 45.72 cam X 91.44 cm X 3.81 cm Canvas
Painted: 10/02/2019


I just hung up from a call with my sister, Debbie. She was diagnosed bipolar schizophrenic at the age of 18 but by no means does that diagnosis define her. She makes me laugh on a daily basis and tells me stories I would not have otherwise known, but this was not always the case. Not until recently, in fact, after I sent her photograph of a painting, I asked Joseph to program with my sister in mind.

At the time, our conversations were strained and often cut short after Debbie became argumentative or accusatory. This brought me back to the days when I lived with her mental illness, and frankly it frightened me. I wasn’t sure if she was taking her medication or if it was working, so I reached out to Joseph. I had already experienced miraculous healing as a student of his, and I heard how this could also be accomplished via his paintings. Did I mention my sister lives in New York, I am in Los Angeles and Joseph in Vancouver? Sounds like a long shot, right? Turns out I’m a fan of long shots. Tell me no and I’ll make it a yes, and this was no exception, but I must give credit where credit is due. I asked Joseph if and how this could possibly work. Was there any way he could possibly help my sister? He explained that she need not see the painting in order to benefit from its healing power. It would be enough for me to gaze at it with the intention of her healing, good health, and well being. This was music to my ears! I did it for maybe a week or two and decided this was not enough, at least not for me.

I decided to take a photograph of the painting and frame it for my sister. I sent it to her and I kid you not, in less than another week or two I was seeing changes. Changes in her and in our conversations. They were no longer interrupted by the voice of her illness. I was suddenly speaking to her, not her illness, for 30 minutes or more at a time, and that was several months ago. I found an authenticity and longevity in Joseph’s paintings that I’d never seen before, not only in this painting but in others that were commissioned with the intention of healing other aspects of my life. I’ve seen the results in every aspect – my creativity, my relationship, my fulfillment and enjoyment of life – and these results seem to be increasing with each passing day.

As for my sister, though, it is clear to me that he reached her in way no medication ever could, and for that I will be forever grateful. Debbie is 65 today and though we are 3000 miles away, we are closer than ever before. On our last call, I thanked her for sharing a family memory I otherwise would have never known and she said, “I am opening up a whole new world for you!”

Thank you, Joseph, that is precisely what you have done for us.


Title: Microbiology
Abstract Acrylic Energetic Pouring
10″ X 20″ X 1.5”
Painted: 10/11/2019

Title: Marine Biology
Abstract Acrylic Energetic Pouring
10″ X 20″ X 1.5”
Painted: 10/11/2019

Title: Ecology
Abstract Acrylic Pouring
10″ X 20″ X 1.5” / 25.4 cm X 50.8 cm X 3.81 cm Canvas
Painted: 10/11/2019


When Joseph was first starting out, I fell in love with many of his pieces displayed at the seminar I attended.  Before flying back to the USA, I picked the three companion pieces because I could see them hanging on the wall at home.  There was something unique about how the paintings were done that caught my eye as well.  I get lots of compliments on them from others who visit my home.

Karen Edwards Fu

Title: Sunset Incoming Tide
Abstract Acrylic Energetic Painting
16” X 20” X 0.5”
Painted: 1/12/2019


We have the pleasure of owning one of Joseph’s original paintings.  The work is a wonderful abstract that Joseph has activated with Joy, which it brings to light every day.  I would encourage anyone to experience a beautiful work of art that has positive emotions attached.

John Brander, Ontario, Canada


Every morning I look forward to turning on a light in our family room that shines directly on Joseph’s painting. As I gaze at the brilliant colours in the art, I feel sensations in my core as if something inside of me is being rearranged and uplifted. Thank you so much Joseph for this spectacular piece! It brings Joy to our home every day.

Maura C. Ryan, Intuitive Artist, Ontario, Canada

Title: The Re-Emergence Of Atlantis
Abstract Acrylic Energetic Painting
24” X 36” X 1.5”
Painted: 2021

Title: 5D Atlantis
Abstract Acrylic Energetic Painting
24” X 36” X 1.5”
Painted: 2021

Title: Tree of Life
Abstract Acrylic Energetic Painting
31.5” X 47.5” X 1.5”
Painted: 2022


I am happy to say that four of Joseph’s infused paintings have found a home in mine.  Joseph is a gifted artist with the uncanny ability to channel healing energy into his artwork. He is on a mission to assist artists with the expression of their creativity, and that is precisely what he has done for me.


“Awaken The Artist Within” did just that for me. I was struggling with severe writer’s block when I started this program, and I am currently celebrating the return of my creative self upon its completion. If you had told me back then that not only would I be writing again, more abundantly than before, but also painting, I would have never believed you. “Me? A painter? Never. I can’t even draw.” But this wasn’t about drawing. It wasn’t even about believing in myself. It was about taking a chance. A risk. When’s the last time you took a chance? What have you got to lose? Nothing. Actually, I did lose something. My addiction to thinking. What a relief! Instead of laboriously trying to figure things out 24/7, my brain could suddenly relax. I started to “feel” for the first time in my life, and painting allowed me to do that. So never say never! In fact, don’t say anything. Just do it! You’ll be happy you did.


Joseph’s Awaken the Artist Within program has released obstacles I had around expression and immediately brought in the courage and confidence to explore a latent gift to the full. I am powerfully drawn to exploring this Held further, after such clear guidance in trusting my intuition and bringing joy to my creativity.


Rawia F. Beyhum

Joseph’s course “Awakening the Artist Within” has been a crucial part of my personal journey. Not only am I an artist, but I’m also someone searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Joseph has helped me to see and understand the connection between all of these.

Leading up to the course, I had been experiencing creative blocks and had the sense that I had been limiting myself from what is actually possible. Joseph is helping me to open up my creativity to a whole new level. To be more open, curious, playful, more eager to look at new possibilities, and to dedicate more time to what I actually need for myself to be a healthy and whole human being. Being an artist is so much more than technique. Joseph understands this.

I highly recommend Joseph’s course for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with themselves and with their creativity. I can’t thank you enough, Joseph, for helping me to see what’s already within me.


Scotty Colin

Joseph’s Awaken the Artist Within Program brought me back to life. I had long ago stopped creating paintings, only dabbling on occasion, never with any clarity or focus, often ending in frustration, as I wiped off canvas after canvas, not knowing what I wanted to create.

Now in a single session, I can create 3 paintings, one right after another, as the row of creative energy guides my hand. With not a single thought in my mind, I create the most beautiful paintings. I find pleasure and satisfaction in them. I am calm and content upon completion. Whatever emotions I had pent up are released, no matter what the emotion is, it rows freely onto the canvas in a full spectrum of color.

Thank you, Joseph, for returning my passion and my joy, rejuvenating my life, giving me energy, confidence, and the vibrancy of my youth once again.

Anastacia Lynn Jayet

Joseph’s newest offering, Awaken the Artist Within program, opened my eyes by tapping into my own dormant creative gifts. I’ve really enjoyed the immersion of being within my heart and releasing other blocks while painting for the sake of expressing and enjoyment. It’s given me the incentive and assurance of exploring other creative outlets and expanding with that brings me happiness, satisfaction, and joy.


Stefan Sczyrba

I joined my first “Awaken the Artist Within” class with Joseph one year and a half after meeting Joseph and embarking upon their wildest personal awareness and growth experience I have ever encountered. I speak from my heart as I write that this experience has taken away all the nagging loose ends of something that is missing and all the guilt and shame along with it. I am working hard at it to fulfill my purpose.

What really surprised me was the feeling that came up as I started to paint, having never painted before. As I let go of inhibitions and the need to create something perfect (how ridiculous, eh?) I had joy rise up in me that I had never felt before. Confidence, self-assuredness, peace, and calm became a constant way of being. Very new for me. My classmates have become family, and the classroom has become a place to share deeply, create freely, and feel tremendous satisfaction.

If you are considering taking the class, buckle your seatbelt.

Mark Gordon Rossum

Taking the Awaken the Artist Within painting class was one of the best things I have done for myself this year. Not only did it re-kindle my love for painting. But it allowed me (through the meditation) to go deeper and release things I didn’t realize I was holding. It has inspired me, it has awoken in me joy, play, fun … and reminding me it doesn’t need to be perfect or look good … To get out of my head and just have fun!


Yohanna Hestler

Joseph, thank you so much for offering to Awaken the Artist Within. It had been many years since I painted, and when I first signed up for the program, I wondered if I’d be able to get in the groove of painting again.

As it turns out, your program rekindled the joy I have of painting and sparked a deeper creative force within me than I thought possible. I’ve especially enjoyed trying out new styles and ways of approaching the process, letting go of perfectionism as I do so. At a time in my life when I’ve been wanting happier experiences and a new outlet to explore my creativity, this course was perfect. Although I consider myself a rather inexperienced artist, I’m already feeling the urge to develop my skills and offer paintings for sale…what a surprise!

Much appreciation Joseph; you are an inspiration.


Maura C. Ryan

This is wild and exciting territory, as I recently experienced Joseph’s new cutting-edge Quantum Healing Art meditations. I am confidently stating I required several days to remotely comprehend and integrate the sheer magnitude of what’s possible in the 5D quantum leap in healing.

After an extensive amount of personal healing, one of the new Quantum Healing Art meditations cleared out energetically the initial Soul experience and collective past 495 Soul lifetimes in one go. This is not for the faint of heart, as I required wearing a couple of seat belts to harness the 5D healing energies.

Joseph’s Quantum Healing Art meditations clearly set the new bar for unparalleled healing and fast-tracking the 5D process.

This is the future of healing, and it’s here now….

Truly thankful and grateful.

Stefan Sczyrba