Artist Statement
Joseph Boutros Agape


Artist Joseph Boutros Agape
Agape Divine Healing Art

“Committed to Freeing the Human Soul”

For over 35 years, my focus has been on energy work and have much awareness of energy, vibration and frequencies, I am here to awaken and empower a new appreciation and function of art. 

Since 2018, I have been creating acrylic abstract art, as an intuitive self-taught artist. I am filled with energy and thirsty for alternative expression. My compositions are intense with strong contrasts that bring more healing power into my paintings. Focusing on the effects that feelings have in our lives and creating Quantum Healing Art with frequencies of positive emotions brings about empowerment in human consciousness, and ultimately frees the human Soul.


1982 – 1985: B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Learnt about Energy, Vibration, Frequency, Current, Voltages

1988 – Today: Master Healer / Blueprint Numerology
Worked with Energy Healing for Physical, Mental and Spiritual dis-ease. Created Blueprint Numerology based on the vibration, Energy and Frequency of our Emotions, and my understanding of the human Consciousness and Soul.

2017 – Today: Quantum Healing Art
Quantum Healing Art aligns frequency to the life outcomes that you desire. I intentionally create the paintings with positive frequencies to replace negative ones, including any sickness or pain.

Artist Joseph Boutros Agape featured in:

May 2021 – Today: Le HangArt in Vancouver
November 2021 – Today: Le HangArt in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver
March 2021 – Today: Laguna Art Gallery online in California 
2020 – Today: Art Studio, Pacific Arts Market in Vancouver 
February 2022: Published in Guto Ajayu Culture book Anthology IV, Spain also available in Spanish National Library and distributed across South America


May 2022: Debut Solo Exhibition in May 2022, Pacific Arts Market in Vancouver


2010: #1 Best Seller – “The Blueprint of Your Soul “
2019: “I Choose… A Journal To Rewire Your Subconscious”