Joseph Boutros Agape

I am a former engineer and banker who studied and worked in international business development. My past is packed with degrees and certifications given only to people of science and logic. Yet my true gift appears in an area less frequented by typical scientists.

An expert Blueprint Numerologist, master healer, and spiritual leader, I speak on topics ranging from relationships and the Law of Attraction to life purpose and past histories. I am well known for my Soul-to-Soul Connection programs, which help clear Soul Agreements and Contracts, giving people peace with their past and a renewed freedom for their future.

At this point in my life, I have made a transition and have chosen a new direction, and this phase of life includes art!

My new gift recently showed up in the form of painting. Now, I align my gift of healing and my 40 years of experience working with energy, vibration, and frequency with painting and meditation, which infuses positive feelings and vibrations into my art. I use Quantum Divine Art™ and Quantum Divine Healing Art Meditation™ to empower self-healing with art.

I didn’t start out as a painter. In fact, I’ve never been “into” art, and I’m awful at drawing. So, how did I become a professional artist in such a short time?

One day, I got an invitation from one of my clients to his birthday party. His girlfriend had arranged a paint night with one of her artist friends.

It would have been easy to turn that down, saying to myself, “I don’t know how to paint. I am not a painter. I am not an artist,” but all I remember saying was, “Oh, sure! I’ll be there!” The party ended up being quite exciting and fun, and I decided that painting was something I’d love to do again.

That year was 2017, and I painted 5 pieces. The following year, 2018, I did 85 paintings. To date, I’ve reached around or passed over 400 paintings, and I’m excited to share them with you!

I am a self-taught Artist. My paintings are downloaded directly from Divine with lots of positive Divine energies. Everyone’s home or office can use one of my paintings to bring positivity into the space where they are placed. They came from Light, and they like to be placed in a light place to activate them, bringing transformation through art.

Art has transformed my life and taken me in a new direction and phase. I feel the freedom to express myself, and I’m not always sure what will show up when I sit down to paint. I discover the vast possibilities and where I can utilize my awareness with energy, vibration, and frequency throughout my life. It is about bridging our physicality and spirituality, creating new potential of conscious possibilities, and picking the rhythm of what is possible. This allows my connection with supreme intelligence to flow and create the perfection of a painting for a specific Human Soul or even Human Souls who are collaborating with each other at the same time and are part of a group of Souls.

As an artist today, I aspire for my work to bring the Quantum Divine Healing in the environment where it is placed, and also as my commitment to freeing the Human Soul.

Agape is a Greek word, and the origin of my last name. It means Universal Love.

Today, I started to train new artists to up-leveling their art to infuse their art with Quantum Divine Healing frequency in my online certification “Quantum Divine Healing Art Certification. Join me in the movement to bring humanity into a new place in life with full abundance, health, love, or anything they desire.

Join me live or online in my next Divine Healing Through Art. This is “The Experience of a new form of healing that can change your life.”