Who is Artist Joseph Boutros Agape?

Artist Joseph Boutros Agape is an electrical engineer and 35 years Master Healer / Blueprint Numerologist, creating Quantum Healing Art that connects spirituality and physicality in our human consciousness. He is committed to freeing the human Soul.

With my background in energy work and my awareness of energy, vibration and frequencies of over 35 years, I am here to awaken and empower a new appreciation and function of art. 

Since 2018, I have been creating acrylic abstract art, as an intuitive self-taught artist. I am filled with energy and thirsty for alternative expression. My compositions are intense with strong contrasts that bring more healing power into my paintings. 

Focusing on the effects that feelings have in our lives and creating Quantum Healing Art with frequencies of positive emotions, brings about empowerment in human consciousness, and ultimately for freeing the human Soul.

Where is Artist Joseph Boutros Agape currently featured?

  • Le HangArt in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver
  • Laguna Art Gallery in California
  • Debut Solo Exhibition in May 2022, Pacific Arts Market in Vancouver
  • Art Studio, Pacific Arts Market in Vancouver
  • Published in Guto Ajayu Culture book Anthology IV, February 2022, Spain also available in Spanish National Library and distributed across South America.


The artist’s current name Ghabi was adopted as a translation of the name Agape, the Greek word meaning Unconditional Love. The name highlights the lineage of Joseph’s family from his father’s side, when family members moved from Greece to Phoenicia, or modern day Lebanon.

“I had an affinity with Greece, even though out of 45 countries I travelled to, Greece isn’t yet one of them,” says Joseph. “I was drawn to the Greek Mathematician Pythagoras, who has heavily influenced my 35-year career as Master Healer / Blueprint Numerologist. I am constantly looking for new ways to innovate with my life-long commitment to freeing the human soul, and currently my energy work is a big part of creating Quantum Healing Art.”

AGAPE Solo Exhibition is aligned to the Artist’s lifelong commitment to freeing the human Soul. On many different levels we can all relate to the origins of the name Agape, as it refers to the movement of our own ancestry, family history, and the relocation of groups of people, to different countries and continents, overtime. As humans, we all experience our life’s worst and best of times and we all have questions on why we do what we do without the awareness of what is working through us on a Soul level. This exhibition highlights answers to the questions ‘Why are we here?’ and ‘What else is possible for humanity?’

What is Quantum Healing Art?

As we already know everything is energy. Each energy vibrates on a different frequency. Quantum Healing Art aligns frequency to the life outcomes that you desire.

Each art invested in or commissioned, ideal for your home or place of work, can be created with quantum healing frequency to fulfill a task or energetic shift that you would like to achieve. I intentionally create the paintings with positive frequencies to replace defined negative ones, including any sickness or pain that you would like to drop from your life and environment.

How does Quantum Healing Art work?

All of my work in Quantum Healing Art relies heavily on my experience with Master Energetic Healer and Blueprint Numerology, as well as in the use of my Spiritual Councils and Guides.* I have seen that simply looking at or interacting with Quantum Healing Art can bring about profound energetic transformations in a person’s dis-ease and / or mental and emotional wellbeing.

Currently my Quantum Healing Art is created with healing frequency found in colors. Color has frequency and each color can add up into a certain vibration. Each color that I select can be calculated using the negative vibration of the dis-ease identified and then intentionally mixed or layered with the positive vibration of that dis-ease, to create the final painting.

Quantum Healing Art connects both abstract art with intuition in a way that aligns Source energy with a human’s Soul. No specific aesthetic outcome is intended in creating Quantum Healing Art. There is no need for previous experience or training in art. The only requirement is to let go of inhibitions or a need to control the outcome and to allow the creative true self to flow and express itself.

* Working with Spiritual Councils and Guides is a practice used extensively in Spiritual Healing, that shifts awareness beyond the practitioner to access the intelligence of the Universe.

What can Quantum Healing Art be activated for?

Quantum Healing Art, can be activated with an infinite possibilities and choices of positive frequency, such as specific Chakra Energy, or vibrations such as Time to Live, Happiness, Enjoyment, Feeling Excited, Feeling Home, Feeling Aligned, and Total Awareness or  Clarity, Love, Alignment, Freedom and Peace.

The possibilities are endless and can be commissioned to each individual’s needs.

How can I commission a Quantum Healing Art?

Fill out the form available on https://josephboutrosghabiart.com/commissioned-art/ or email Joseph at agapedivineart@gmail.com so that you can together explore what you desire through sizes of the canvas, colour, shapes and the energetic frequency you desire to create.

What can I expect from booking an appointment for meditation with Quantum Healing Art?

Quantum Healing Art uses a meditative process to enhance your experience and release the emotional, mental, and physical symptoms you are bothered with.

By booking an appointment you will have an opportunity to have a physical experience with meditation and Quantum Healing Art. No experience is necessary. 

Your commitment is 1-3 sessions approximately 30-45 minutes each time, conducted at the Artist’s residence in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC. The sessions are free or by donation. 

Be open minded to experience new possibilities for healing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pillars of our life…